Building Content Sites for Affiliate Marketing

Content sites are sometimes called niche sites and people visit them in order to learn about certain topics, most of which are related to consumption.

Content sites work well with affiliate marketing. Let’s say someone is looking for an android phone that is waterproof. A mini content page that educates visitors about the concept of how a smart phone gets waterproofed can include affiliate links to various waterproof phones sold in the market.

A content site can either contain a wide range of topics under the same niche like fashion, technology, and health while they can be basic sites that focus on one topic like cameras, cellphones, etc.


Content sites are suitable for those who want to venture into affiliate marketing. If you have not read about affiliate marketing yet, click here. This works best if you want to focus on generating content rather than just marketing. Marketing is important but search engines also put a high regard on content, especially Google.


First you need to determine what type of content you want to focus on. You should choose the scope of your topics whether you want a full niche or smaller and more specific topics for your affiliate marketing business. Find products related to your niche, register for affiliate programs and get the affiliate links.

For a niche content site, your domain name should be related to the niche and should be catchy. For basic content sites, it should be as close to the product as possible. I use for the best priced domains.

The next thing on your list is your websites. While a lot of people prefer WordPress, you can also try other builders like Free domains are a big no. Since this is a business and you need to promote and get high rankings on SERPs, you need paid hosting.

Once your website is up and running and contains the affiliate link/s, start your online marketing campaigns to get that monthly commission.


Content sites like other forms of affiliate sites earn depending on how marketable the items are and the effort you put into online marketing. Amazon offers 4%-8.5% for every sale while smaller companies give higher commission that can go up to 50%. The primary difference is that with Amazon, you are selling reputable brands. Larger websites may take a month or two to develop while smaller sites may take just a week.


Content Sites cater to people’s need for information, which is a good way to start a business. The more pages you build, the more affiliate links you can post. Click on the blueprints below to learn more about how Content Sites can help you earn money.

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