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Buying Established Websites and Flipping as an Online Business

Flipping a website means buying an established website, renovating it to add value and selling it to make a profit. The advantage of buying a site is that it already has an established following, and you do not have to wait for it to be indexed within search engines to gain better rankings in search results. Even those sites that have been poorly managed over the years already have backlinks that you can optimize and improve. In short, you do not have to start from scratch to get traffic going.

Buying a mature site (sites over a year old) lets you avoid the Google Sandbox Effect which is a theory that explains why newly registered domains rank poorly on Search Engine Results Pages. This adds a lot of value to your website much like selling real estate located on a prime spot. You get more cash for more traffic.


Some say flipping websites is an art. If you are patient enough to look at numbers and scout for the lowest priced sites at the best possible performance and value and would exert enough effort to renovate it and significantly improve its performance, then this business model is just right for you.


First you need to know where to go website shopping. For starters, you can look for websites that advertise websites for sale like Flippa which offers websites in an auction style format. Here you can look for websites based on how much traffic they attract, how much revenue they generate per month and a lot of other parameters indicative of performance.

Another site you can visit is BuySellWebsite which showcases websites for sale in a classified ad format. As you browse for websites, you can contact the owners to ask questions, haggle for prices and close deals. You can use the same site to sell your flipped website later on.

If you want more reasonable prices, checkout Website Broker which also offers tutorials on how to buy and sell, complete sales, use escrow and other useful stuff in the website flipping business.

Before purchasing a website, you need to diligently research about it if the price is right and if you can make a profit out of it. Look for statistics like unique visitors, growth rate, PR, backlinks, etc. Verify these stats with sites like Alexa and Awstats.

Also check for the existence of a community or forum linked to the site. The presence of an online community generates traffic which adds to your revenue later on.

If the website you are scouting indeed has potential, purchase it then flip it. Flipping the site means improving the overall aesthetics, functionalities and performance. Aesthetics and functionalities can be improved with web design, plug-ins and content creation. Site performance on the other hand can be improved by marketing strategies like SEO, video marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. If you do not know how to execute these steps, hire a freelancer or subscribe to easy to use web based tools.

After flipping, keep the site for a bit and monetize the traffic. Wait for statistics and performance to go up and when you see significant improvement, you can move on and sell it.


When buying websites, prices vary from one to over thousands of dollars. Try to check out websites within the one hundred dollar mark. In Flippa, investing one hundred to a couple of hundred bucks could let you earn thousands of dollars after flipping. Let’s say you purchased a site for $200, renovating it may take 2 to 3 months but if your website performs well you can sell it for at least $6000 to $1000.


Flipping websites can be as profitable as flipping real estate. The key is to understand how you can add value to the website that you have purchased. To learn more, check out the blueprints below on Buying Websites.

Checkout our blueprints about Buying Established sites:

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