Automated Blogging: An Online Business through Automation

To some bloggers, especially those maintaining a lot of blogs, whether as niche sites, review sites or networks, posting content can be a bit of a challenge especially when it comes to the schedule and frequency of posting. Learning how to make Automated Blogs is a good way to start a blogging business.


Normally, blog posts are done manually. After content creation, posting is done real time. Automated blogs do not have to go through this hurdle because content is posted automatically at defined schedules. Whether the owner creates his own content or produces it through content creation tools, posts are put in a queue to be posted at specific dates.

The advantage of managing automated blogs is consistency in content. With consistent posts, you get better search engine rankings. Furthermore, you get a higher chance of getting repeat visitors because they have something to look forward to on a regular basis.

Some people choose automated blogs because with the right tools, they are free from the hassle of writing content and posting them. Everything is automated and all they have to do is look at analytics, tweak some settings and wait for traffic to increase.


Automated blogging is great for people who want to focus more on traffic generation and management rather than writing and posting content. Not everyone who wants to blog for business is really into blogging itself. Also, those who want to manage multiple blogs would benefit a lot if they would manage automated blogs.


Automated Blogs can be done in two ways depending on how the content is created. Those who want to create their content can do so and schedule all of the created content at later posts. People want to be free from writing tons of articles can use article spinners to generate content or intent engine tools to search for content online.

Starting the an Automated Blog is pretty much the same as other blogs, mainly choosing a platform like HubSpot, BlogSpot or WordPress. Next thing on the list is to register the domain. Then depending on the mode of content creation, the blogger needs to choose an Automated Blogging Tool.

Finally, once the Automated Blog is fully functional, the only thing left is to start marketing it online.


Unlike regular blogs, the only time consuming task for an Automated Blog is manually writing the content. The time it would take it would depend on the writer of blog owner’s pace. For fully automated blogs, it would take a day to setup the blog, another to setup an article generating tool as well as automated blogging tool. Factoring in SEO, it would take less than a month for the blog to start generating traffic which can be monetized in a couple more weeks. As long as the blog or blogs generate traffic, there are numerous ways to monetize it like affiliate programs, Google Adsense and other forms of ads.


Automated blogs are fairly easy to manage and with the right combination of tools from content generation, to blog automation and online marketing, you can put up an income generating business in not time. Check out the blue prints below to learn more about how Automated Blogging can help you financially.

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