Starting an Online Business with an Authority Blog

Our society is information driven. At this day and age, getting the right information the easiest way possible is one of the reasons people spend time online. This accounts for the high earning potential of delivering information. One of the best ways to do this is by building an Authority Blog.


An Authority Blog unlike common niche sites is an information resource with high quality content. Because it provides useful and trustworthy information to its visitors, it has high marketing potential through referral traffic.

You need to have a primary focus for your site, the purpose of which is to educate visitors on the topic that you have chosen. Your main objective is to deliver information that is useful to your visitors. Recycled generic information that you can find in some other niche sites will not suffice.


Creating content is easy if you are building a regular blog since there are article spinning tools. An Authority Blog though will not gain targeted traffic this way. If you are dedicated in creating specific, informative and educational content, then building a site like this for business is right for you. Yes your primary goal is to monetize it but you need to prioritize the quality of your content you want to rack up on referral traffic. Search engines also factor in the quality of your content, so you need to have the dedication to create content that surpasses mediocrity.


First things first, you need to pick an industry, niche or topic that you want to focus on. It is advisable for you to pick a topic that you would enjoy creating content about. Unlike regular blogs, your content needs to dive deep into what your visitors would need so if you are from the very beginning uncomfortable with your chosen topic, then it wouldn’t make much of a difference from getting an office job that you despise.

Choose a blogging platform from popular providers like BlogSpot, HubSpot and WordPress. Make sure your domain is hosted because it is better for SEO. There are blog management tools like WPEngine to help you craft a user-friendly and appealing site. Visual aesthetics is as important as content because the average human attention span is as short as 8 seconds.

Your site is an information hub, so you need reliable resources for your content. You cannot rely on other blogs or websites with lower quality information. Create content based on primary sources and make it appealing and understandable to your visitors.

One you have everything going start marketing your site by launching SEO and social media campaigns.


People see real value in an Authority Blogs which is why it gets more referral traffic compared to traditional niche sites. Furthermore, Google will not view your Authority Blog as a site built entirely for monetizing which makes it great for monetizing. Just make sure your monetizing efforts are subtle and not too obvious that readers will think your site is just another niche site. Because of its nature it has a more long term earning potential because it helps people so people come back. You can make money through Google Adsense and other advertising campaigns since you have regular traffic. Though it may take more than a month to build an Authority Blog and a couple more to get the traffic steady, it’s all worth the wait if you want steady income.


Information is a valuable commodity, so banking in this need makes an Authority Blog a lucrative venture. To learn more on how to build a profitable site like this, check out the blue prints below and start a successful online business.

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