Building an Online Business with an Amazon Affiliate Store

Since the online market is flooded with affiliate marketers, promoting a reliable brand has its own advantages. A lot of bloggers choose Amazon as are retailer because it is one of the most trusted online brands right now.


Just like most affiliate programs, Amazon affiliate marketing offers a certain percentage of every sale that you help make. Though the commission is relatively smaller, with a trusted brand, you get more potential sales.

Though Amazon only offers a startup commission of 4% and its referral cookie stays for only 24 hours in the browser, nothing beats stability and reputation. Shoppers trust Amazon. No doubt that when it comes to online products, Amazon is one of the most reliable brands. Plus, the website itself is designed for maximum conversion. All you need to do is refer people and that’s it. The best part with Amazon is that you get a commission with everything that your referral buys, regardless of what product you are promoting. Let’s say you have an iPhone store and your customer clicks the referral link. If your customer chooses to buy other stuff like an iMac, you would still get a commission.


Affiliate marketers have a lot of options when it comes to choosing retailers. However, when it comes to trust and dependability, Amazon is second to none. Yes, the commission is a bit lower, but you cannot put a price on the reputation that Amazon has built in the online community.

Whether you want to do it part time and build a mini product review site or you want to treat it as a 9 to 5 with an authority site, channeling your efforts on an Amazon Affiliate Store is a sound investment.


Just like any other Affiliate store, you need to decide whether you want to build one or several mini product review sites each showcasing one product or an authority site focusing on a niche to showcase a wide range of products. The only difference is all of your products will be from Amazon. Next, just sign up to the Amazon Affiliate Program, read the terms and conditions and start building your pages. Of course do not forget the affiliate link for the Amazon cookie. There are also several Amazon Affiliate Store management tools that you can subscribe to so that you can easily manage your stores. Always remember to promote using SEO, mailing list and other promotional tools


Building a mini product review site may take less than a week compared to an authority site which will take at least a month. As far as revenue goes, you will get your commission once a month and you can expect the first few months to be a bit slow while you are building your mailing list and of course your community of followers. Commission varies with 4% on your first 6 sales and goes up to 8.5% if your reach 3131 sales for the month.


Reputation is everything in the online business community. Yes, there are a lot of retailers that offer high commission rates but if you want sure sales, better go with a more stable partner retailer. Check out the blue prints below to learn more about building an Amazon Affiliate Store.

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