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Michael Santiago

I'm a self-taught marketer who started selling digital products way back in 1998.

Soon after I got into affiliate marketing, buying and selling domains and most recently running a successful SaaS company for the past 10 years.

Now looking to scale as the premier source and marketplace for buying, selling and enhancing quality digital assets.

Anthony Santiago
VP of Marketing

With over 20 years of experience in public relations and content marketing, engaging the right channels for your campaign is critical to your success.

It’s exciting to bridge premium domains and digital assets to businesses that can scale their success with the right branding, market value and traffic.

Thinking outside the box is what we do best at

Patrick Santiago
VP of Strategic Partnerships

For the past 15 years beginning with affiliate marketing and content curation, I've enjoy all aspects of online marketing.

I've helped grow a SaaS PR company into a one of the highest rated companies in the space as VP of Customer Success by managing a team of representatives and developers.

I am now in the business of helping clients in acquiring digital assets for their portfolio and marketing strategies.

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Ideas on your site give the general overview of a specific online business model. And below we give them the direct link to the "Start an Online Business" main ideas page.

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We're in the digital "trenches" every day and use a wide variety of marketing tools to get the job done for our work and for our client work. This allows us to provide real, in-depth reviews on many marketing products.

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If you know what online business idea you want to start how about taking a shortcut and drastically increasing your chances of success. How? by acquiring an existing or starter website that is already up and running.

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